Leading Effective Live Online Events

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Dr. Susan Manning4-Part Online Workshop

Welcome to the Live Online Community, home of the Certified Synchronous Training Professional (CSTP) workshop series.

In this four-part live online program you’ll learn and practice effective, practical and creative strategies and techniques for the live online environment.

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Live Events

Live EventsAccess each live session from the Live Events area, which includes dates and times and links to the activities that follow each session.


PresentersIntroduce yourself to fellow participants and learn more about each of them in the Forum area.

Sample Badges

Post-Event Activities & Earning Digital Badges:
There is an “Associated Badge” tied to each Live Event. To earn the Badge, you need to complete at least one of the Activities that goes with that Badge. Activities are introduced by your instructor at the end of each live session. All of them include sharing a real world, real time idea or technique to the community-wide “Idea Library“. You will have ongoing access to the Idea Library, even after our workshop ends. Unlocking all three of the Activity Badges — and participating in all four of the live workshops — unlocks a final, sharable microcredential “Badge” indicating you have completed the CSTP Level I workshop. You can proudly share that on Facebook, LinkedIn or access it via your lifelong Mozilla Open Badges Backpack, where it will automatically be sent.

One more thing! You can also earn a range of Community Badges (and points!) for getting involved in our live online sessions and this online community. Check them out!

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DiscussionsDiscussions at Any Time:
Keep the dialogue going — or start it! — by visiting the Discussions area of the site. Join in on any discussion, or start a new topic. You can also start a discussion related to any workshop by clicking the “Discuss” button on that session’s page. We’ll see you there!

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Tech CheckTech Check:
Test your computer’s readiness for the live online sessions. This special configuration area checks your connection to the virtual classroom platform used for the real-time events — and it helps you test your audio. Try it now!

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After each live workshop session takes place, we’ll post a recording of the event to the Recordings section of this community. Tune in at any time in the coming days, weeks or months to revisit these archives.

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